So you would like to be part of the Albany Farmers Market?

Here are some things you need to know about the Albany Farmers Market….

The Great Southern Farmers Market Albany Incorporated trades as The Albany Farmers Market, at Collie Street Albany EVERY Saturday of the year from 8.00am to 12 noon.

  • It is a membership based organisation with a Constitution and a Market Charter that governs who may sell, and what and how produce may be sold in the market.
  • It is managed by a member elected Chairperson and committee.
  • It employs a part time coordinator to manage the day to day operations of the market; promote the market and its producers; maintain the market website and liaise with potential new market members.

The final decision concerning market membership is made by the Market Management Committee

Market Membership Criteria
In simple terms, to be part of the market you must:

  • farm in the Great Southern Region
  • offer produce grown or made by yourself
  • provide quality, quantity and sustainability of product to the market on a weekly basis
  • be covered by Product and Public Liability Insurance

The focus of the market is to supply consumers with local FRESH, quality produce. The presence of the grower selling to the consumer builds a direct rapport.

Both benefit.

Consumers can seek the provenance of the product. The farmers can give it. Consumers can provide direct feedback to farmers on the quality of the produce. Farmers become connected to those who eat what they grow.

This all helps forge relationships that are fundamental to the market’s success.

  • Factors the market takes into consideration when assessing applications for membership may include (but by no means limited to):
  • Duplication of existing product available in the market
  • The Market is not anti competitive. It will take into account how many existing producers selling a particular product, what point of difference you may offer and whether market need is being met. The Market actively seeks to provide diverse produce, rather than seek straight duplication.
  • Space and infrastructure available within the market site
  • Land use conforming to local planning laws
  • Packaging, weights and measures conforming with state government legislation
  • If value adding, premises, product presentation and labelling conforming to Environmental Health regulations of the Local Government area in which they are produced and City of Albany (where they are sold)

  • The market does NOT
  • Sell produce grown outside the Great Southern
  • On-sell bought-in produce (whether grown in or outside of the Great Southern)
  • Re-sell another producer’s product.
  • Sell any art, craft or related product.
  • Approve membership for an “embryo” farming operation that is not yet functioning.

The Albany Farmers Market is all about FRESH, LOCAL, QUALITY FOOD.
Existing members are encouraged to value-add their own produce to increase diversity and sustainability of their farming operation.

The market makes a limited provision in the market mix for stalls that are solely value added.

The aim is to maintain the predominance of fresh food stalls in the market.

If you are contemplating a value added stall it will be considered in the light of all the above aims, ethos and criteria of the market.

If you feel you have a product that meets the criteria,
What you should do now?

  • Visit the Albany Farmers Market
  • Think deep and hard about the work and commitment you will be making
  • Talk with the Market Co-ordinator
  • Talk with existing stallholders for a realistic viewpoint

Still interested? Then….

  • Submit an “Expression of Interest” for the Market committee to consider.
  • This should explain who you are, outlining relevant background and experience you have in your proposed farming/market venture. Explain what you want to bring to the market, not just vague terms, details of actual range, anticipated quantities, season etc. How you feel you and your product would enhance the Albany Farmers Market.

What happens next?

The Market Management Committee will consider your request at the next committee meeting (usually they are held every 6 weeks).

It may seek clarification of details from your Expression of Interest and may request a visit to your farm. This may all be necessary to ensure that both parties understand their responsibilities. The Market remains vigilant at all times about maintaining its reputation. It seeks to ensure that everyone in the market operates to the same standard.

The Market Coordinator will respond to your Expression of Interest at the

direction of the Committee, once a decision is made.

Contact details
Ruth Speldewinde, Market Coordinator
Phone 0435 660 941 (please note, part-time hours)
email: [email protected]