Denmark Apples

Denmark Heritage Apples is a family-owned and operated business, currently cultivating 11 varieties of apples at their orchard in the picturesque, fertile Karri forest region of the Scotsdale Valley in Denmark, WA.  For multiple generations, they have brought their high-quality fruit to Albany Farmers’ Markets, as well as servicing independent shops in the Great Southern. Their fruit is tree-ripened and spray-free, ensuring you receive produce that has been freshly picked that season. The orchard is nurtured with pure water harvested exclusively on the property, with minimal machine impact by exclusively hand picking, grading and packing produce. Their harvest season runs from early March to around September-October, featuring apples, mandarins, and oranges as the primary fruits harvested. The farm is home to a unique range of cultivar apple varieties, as well as many not traditionally available in supermarkets, including Braeburns, Splendors and Jonagold apples. Denmark Apples is proud to provide wholesome food for local families and deeply value the support from the local community that helps sustain this tradition.