Eden Gate Blueberry Farm

Eden Gate Blueberry Farm was established in 1983, making it WA’s first blueberry Farm. It is situated on the Nullaki Peninsula, which provides ideal growing conditions – acidic soil, plenty of water, and pleasant chilly winters. We grow about 15 different varieties of blueberry, many of them older varieties, which means they will always be different and sweeter from those in the supermarket. Besides this, they are picked when properly ripe and transported just a short distance from our farm to the market.
Andre was born in Canada but lived in the USA in Houston, Texas for 22 years. He worked as a commercial pilot and spent 35 years in the airborne geophysical industry, surveying, working and living in over 45 countries. Amanda was born in Australia in the Perth Hills Area and was a data processor in the airborne geophysical industry. She went to Alaska to process some data for Andre and the rest as they say, is history. We bought the farm in 2004 and have continued to produce fresh and frozen blueberries and a range of blueberry products, including a blueberry liqueur. We have been growing microgreens since 2008, supplying local eateries and the market, and value-adding by making an ever-changing range of pestos.
We utilize an Integrated Pest Management system to control weeds and pests – guinea pigs for the grass and ducks to devour the snails and grasshoppers. And they all fertilize as they go – win-win. We do not use pesticides as pest insects are taken care off by a multitude of spiders.
Eden Gate Estate also produces figs and a small selection of other fruits depending on the season. The farm is open to the public from December until February, when visitors can enjoy a coffee and a blueberry muffin, sample and buy our products and, of course, freshly picked blueberries!
We supply all of our products at the Albany Farmers Market every Saturday, rain or shine, from 08:00 to 12:00.