Beetroot and Khol Rabi

Ingredient: Yellow flesh beetroot (peeled, diced)
Quantity: 2
Ingredient: Red flesh beetroot (peeled, diced)
Quantity: 1
Ingredient: Kohl Rabi (peeled, diced)
Quantity: 1
Ingredient: Leek (diced)
Quantity: 1
Ingredient: Splash of red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar
Ingredient: Black pepper
Ingredient: Beetroot and/or kohl rabi leaves (washed and sliced)
Heat large frying pan over moderate heat. Add beetroot and kohl rabi flesh, along with the leek. Sauté and stir, then pop lid on and leave to gently cook.
After 20 minutes, the vegetables should be cooked through and becoming caramelized. Add vinegar and black pepper. Stir and sizzle for a few minutes.
Add stalks of the leaves and stir through, then add leaves. Incorporate well and cook until leaves are wilted and softened.